Friday, April 20, 2012

Sumdog Stats! Math Challenge Update

Statistics is an area of Math that centers on data collection, presentation, and analysis.  For example, the data from Math Competitions show how Swift Middle School Homerooms' compare.  Room 312 has set a goal of 55,000 points by 4-30, do you think that they'll reach their goal given the data shown below?  The Math competition also shows room 313 in 1st place for the Fall Competition, will they be able to regain the lead in the Spring?   Room 315 has set a goal of 30,000 points, is this goal attainable?

One popular game on is "Junk Pile"- the game pictured on the logo above:)  If you haven't tried out the games on this free web site, why not give it a try?! 

Spring 2012 Spring Math Competition            Overall Totals for Fall and Spring
Homeroom     Total Points 4-30-12      Rooms   Total Points   Percent
312                   43,221                                       312         55,937            57%
313                     7,632                                        313        30,160            32%
314                     2,218                                        315         7,370               8%
315                     5,242                                        314         3,052               3%
Total                  55,122                                 Total       96,519            100%

Fall 2011 Sumdog Math Competition
Homeroom        Final Points 
313                     22,528
312                     12,716
315                      2,128
314                         834
Total                   38,206

Monday, April 16, 2012

Compare the Surface Area

The area that covers the outside of a figure is its surface area.   Surface area can be compared to wrapping a present or covering the outside of the object with paper. 

The interactive tool at Annenbeg's web page shows how to find the surface area of cylinders and prisms.  The surface area is the sum of 2 ends of the cylinder and the middle section.
Middle= Circumference * height  +  Ends (2 * Area)
Which container below has the greater surface area, and how much more area?
How would you verify and make sure that both containers have a volume of 750ml?